Homework Ideas for Summer Time

It’s summer time now!!  Now what to do with your kiddos???  Especially one with a disability???  Well, here are some reusable homework sheets you can use this summer.  Working on Who, What, Where, When and Why to help your child write complete sentences.  As well as help to work on social skills.

Homework Art Fest (this worksheet only works if you have a VSA account – more on that in a post coming soon)

Homework game

Homework family tree

Homework flowers

Homework planting

Homework crossword search

Homework puzzle

Homework photo albums

Homework Scavenger hunt

Homework money

Homework letter

Homework park

Homework walk

Homework Shopping

Homework telephone

Homework Read

Homework Music

Homework Recipe

Homework Art Craft

Homework Gifts

Homework movie


Thanks for viewing.  Hopefully this comes in handy this summer and for future summers.  Let me know what you think,