Wild Tea and Vibrant Tea Defuser

A sweet tasting tea in a ‘HOT’ container.

Amazon has been a useful tool lately and a great way to send gifts across the country.  I had never heard of The Wild Crew before.  It wasn’t until recently that I was gifted this tea along with this cool drink container.

DSC_1230 (1)

DSC_1232 (1)

The tea is sweet and has a red vibrant color.  There was no need for honey, sugar or cream.  It tasted so great all on its own. You only need a small portion to make such a great flavored tea.  The Wild Crew has a decent selection of teas – all are loose leaf.

Here is where this ‘mug’ comes in handy.  It has a defuser that can be removed if you want to have a different drink (coffee, water, etc).  But if you prefer a good tea… you add a small portion of loose leaf tea, close the lid to the defuser and insert it into the ‘mug’.

I proceeded to heated up some water and poured it over the defuser. I let it slowly steep the tea.  It only took moments to begin smelling the delicious aroma. I made sure to close the ‘mug’ shake and let sit for about 10 minutes.  This container will stay hot for hours so be careful when taking your first sips.


The main reason I have come to enjoy this tea is the fact that I am doing my best to learn how to make my own tea.  When you open the Wild Tea, you see so many different dried fruits, herbs and tea leaves that it makes me think I can make my very own.  I have been learning about loose leaf teas, dehydrators, and much more.  I would love to be able to make another area for jobs to become available when I open my tearoom.  How neat would it be to see  hard working people (mainly those with disabilities) take on a job making delicious loose leaf tea and have the opportunity to see people enjoy it?  I know I would be a proud owner.

If you have any suggestions for delicious loose leaf tea that might be easy to put into steps please feel free to share.



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Foundation Coffee Co.

Looking for a delicious and artful cappuccino? Foundation Coffee Co. ranks up there for quality coffee and artistic touches.  And I don’t just mean in their coffee drinks.  Both locations have unique settings that captivate the eye and encourage relaxation with a bit of industrial creativity.



As you now may know, Foundation Coffee Co. has two locations in the Hillsborough County area.  Foundations first location started in Riverview on Boyette Rd. It has a beautiful outdoor setting with an appealing amount of seating.  They have a high class trailer where they brew their specialty coffee. Not interested in Coffee?  Well they even have a few smoothies and baked goods from small businesses around the Tampa area. Just want to enjoy the scenery?  Find a comfy seat and enjoy the weather.  There is complimentary water to sip on while you take in your surroundings.  Dogs are welcome to enjoy the setting too.

Riverview location has a drive-thru

The Tampa location is a beautiful brick building that makes you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time.  As you walk in you are taken back by the craftsmanship of each item chosen and built for this particular setting.  Comfortable seating, a water feature to gaze at and listen to, an amazing coffee drip system lifted up against a wall, historic photos and an amazing back patio that also has a creative water feature.  Consider yourself lucky as you sit and sip your coffee here.

If and when you have time to visit make sure to check out the artwork on the walls.  An art agency called FRINGE Creatives helps artists sell their work in different social hang outs around Tampa.  If you find yourself interested in one, they are for sale.  It’s just another great way that Foundation Coffee Co. supports their small business friends.


Both locations are a great place to enjoy friends and relationships. Each location focuses on their community and works to serve their customers appropriately.  They recognize that they are a small business and enjoy helping other small businesses.  And though they may be small they have big dreams.  They recently began renting out their coffee shop in downtown Tampa for small events (you can rent it too by going to their website).  They support the monthly Indie Flea Market. And they have even created a portable coffee station for events, like weddings.




Visit their website for more information on this amazing Coffee Co.  http://www.foundationcoffeeco.com/

Emily and Jason Smith – Owners of Foundation Coffee (photo cred: Foundation Coffee Co.)

I’m learning a lot from these two entrepreneurs.  I’m also excited to let you all know that we have teamed up and I am selling my macarons at the Foundation Coffee Co. in Riverview Fl.  Stop by and try them.  I would love to hear from you and any feedback would be helpful.  Hoping to perfect these delicate cookies and learn more about owning my own business.  Thanks Foundation Coffee Co. for your support and encouragement!


White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower

I received a surprise package a few months ago and inside I was given this delicious tea. Now, I get no compensation for this review, just the joy of sharing something tasty with others.

This has been my go to tea lately.  It goes well with my recent scone recipe (hint, hint).  It is made with delicious blueberries, sweet Elderflowers, lemongrass and naturally sweet white tea.  What makes this tea even better is that it is organic.  English Tea Shop recommends letting the tea bag sit in hot water (176 degrees F) for 2 to 3 minutes to allow the tea to infuse.  I added a sugar cube or two to give it a bit more sweetness.  I’ve also added cream/milk but it is not necessary for this particular tea.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on how tea is made and I am looking forward to trying a few recipes myself.  I was blessed with a dehydrator that will be getting plenty of use drying fruit, flowers, herbs and leaves.  My goal is to create a new and unique job for people with disabilities related to making tea.  I’m very excited about the new things I’m learning related to tea and sharing them with my readers.

If you’d like to purchase this tea you may click the link provided English Tea Shop Organic White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower Super Teas (I will be compensated for your purchase through amazon).  I have seen this particular tea at Walmart and Target on rare occasions.

I look forward to hearing about your taste tests, as well as any feedback to making your own tea (steps, helpful hints, etc).